Full-Service Nonprofit Fundraising

Aegis3 is a fundraising consulting agency that provides successful fundraising solutions that make a positive impact. Our turnkey fundraising programs ensure that every campaign generates maximum funding for your charity, and minimum effort for you.

Since 1985, our team of direct mail fundraising experts has helped nonprofits throughout the U.S. conduct successful fundraising programs that have generated significant and meaningful revenue for their important missions.

Your One-Stop Solution for Successful Nonprofit Fundraising

Executing a successful fundraising campaign isn’t easy. It involves both time and staff to manage all of the moving pieces … donor file building, strategic planning, copywriting, design, production, mailing, results analysis … more than many nonprofits can handle on their own.

We not only understand your challenges. We provide the precise fundraising support your organization needs—the moment you need it. Our fundraising specialists will expertly guide you through the entire process, saving you time and money, and maximizing your revenue.


Strategic Planning

We will help you set priorities and clearly identify organizational goals. Like a custom road map, your strategic plan will outline where your organization wants to go… over what period of time… and will give you the specific steps to ensure you get there.


List Planning

A direct mail fundraising campaign is only as good as the names it mails to. Aegis3 will work with you to target the right lists for each mailing to quickly and efficiently build a donor file to support your organization.


Copywriting & Design

With Aegis3 as your creative partner, your organization will always make a great impression and generate maximum funds. From crafting compelling letters to designing professional marketing materials — we help manage the entire creative process for you.


Print Production

No direct mail campaign is complete without exceptional execution of the printed materials. We will recommend the right vendors to execute your campaigns to the highest degree of quality and integrity. And we supervise the entire process, from pre-press through fulfillment, so you don’t have to.



Our caging partners provide secure and worry-free processing of your donor contributions, including: processing payments, compiling orders, correcting recipient addresses, processing returned mail, and more.


Results Analysis

How effective is your fundraising? Before making campaign recommendations we thoroughly review prior mailing results including list, segment, testing and package results. Our detailed reporting allows us to focus on proven tactics that work — so every marketing dollar invested yields maximum results.


Sweepstakes Fundraising

If you haven’t considered a sweepstakes as part of your fundraising efforts—now could be the time! Sweepstakes fundraising combines the excitement of a merchandise or cash prize, with the benefit of charitable donations. It’s definitely a “win-win” fundraising method, and we’re here to navigate every detail.

Isn’t it time to see how Aegis3 can help you?

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation, and take the first step to more successful fundraising for your organization.

Why Aegis3?


noun      origin: Greek      / ee-jis /

“the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization”

At Aegis3, our primary objective is to raise meaningful revenue for our clients and in a stress-free manner. We specialize in creating custom, turnkey programs to help your nonprofit reach its fundraising goals faster and more efficiently.

There are a lot of so-called “fundraising consultants”, but only Aegis3 can handle everything for you—from start to finish. We want to be YOUR one-stop solution for nonprofit fundraising.

SO WHY “3”?

The “3” in our name represents our three founders. Together they bring over 97 years of unique fundraising and direct marketing expertise to your organization. But 3 is even more significant in that it represents our holistic approach to nonprofit fundraising. This three-step method is the foundation upon which all our campaigns our designed:

Build Relationships

with potential donors

Create Results-Driven Messaging

that showcases your organization’s unique value & purpose

Achieve Maximum Results

through targeted, custom-designed campaigns

Our Clients

Our client list is vast and diverse. Here are a few of the nonprofit categories that rely on us for all their fundraising efforts:

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Children’s Organizations
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Social Welfare
  • Service Organizations
  • Animal Welfare

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